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Cordless Car Buffer Auto Polishing And Scratch Repair




- Our innovative Scratch Repair - Car polisher is perfect for removing swirl marks, oxidation, stains, scratches or simply applying a coat of wax. It provides results faster, without the risk of damaging the paint.
- Our polisher is essential to polish a vehicle and restore it to its original shine. It removes surface scratches and imperfections.
Scratch Repair - Car polisher is particularly light and has an ergonomic handle to facilitate your work. Its compact size allows you to store it anywhere in your garage with the rest of your workshop tools. The rotation system of our polisher allows you to obtain a professional result without effort. 
NL1436 (15) 
How to use it?
1- Turn on the lid, pour the car wax into the wax storage box and lighten the lid
2- Clean and dry your car in the shade
3- Press the top and apply car wax evenly to scratches and brush back and forth
4- Sequence of wax to engine hoods , car roof, trunk and sides, wait for 5 to 10 minutes to dry and wipe up
NL1436 (4)
High quality liquid wax that doesn't damage car paint
Patented and certificated wax
Last long: a little goes a long way
Ergonomic design, easy to grip
Easy to use and apply wax effortlessly with its rotating system
The package Includes:
1X Scratch Repair - Car polisher
1X cloth
1X 100ml wax container 



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